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  • Discover WBF Challengers

    West Beach Fitness is the brain-child of Katie Grover. Besides leading High

    Intensity, interval training (HIIT) workouts on the beach in Whitstable, she's also created WBF Challengers - a completely online 6 week programme, teaching you the skills you need to get lean and stay lean for life. 

  • Get yourself unstuck

    I'm hard-wired to see early September as a time for refreshing my plans. At the same time though, the return to school, university and work during a pandemic, comes with its own set of challenges.

    Between me and a few friends, we've been listening to podcasts, joining classes and testing out these ideas for the ways to move forward with confidence, honesty and optimism.
  • NEW RELEASE: Chakra Pendant

    The Chakra Pendant of rainbow coloured gems in a single, curved, stainless steel setting, will be released in August, but subscribers can pre-order it today.
  • The Great Outdoors

    I am blown away by how being outdoors has been both a cure and a bandaid for my anxiety. It's not just good for me, of course. The teenage boys and Susan had a terrific time too when we spent a weekend on a woodland glamping adventure at Hollington Park.
  • New habits

    Lockdown gave me a LOT of days and nights to press a mental and lifestyle reset button. Staying home gave me the opportunity to change my approach to the car, my clothes and my exercise routine....
  • Get, Set, Birthday!

    Birthdays are too good not to enjoy - this is how I'm going to make the most of MY big day... (birthday treats have been emailed direct to our newsletter subscribers).
  • Introducing Susan

    I put the word out that I was looking for a dog and within a week, I had the opportunity to rehome Susan.
  • Layering for summer

    It looks like summer, it feels like summer- it must be summer! 
  • Sunshine & flowers

    If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I was meant to have had a holiday in Spain in May. It would have been  my first holiday as a divorcee and travelling alone as a single parent with my boys. I booked it last year pretending to be braver than I actually was...
  • Flights of Fancy

    The new collection is here. Flights of Fancy has landed and is ready to buy.

    How we travel, stay in touch and how we plan or dream about our futures is something that I think about a lot. There's an inevitability about this new collection, which as it happens, was designed before the UK's lockdown began.

  • Parenting Pizza

    Without digging too deep, can I just say that homeschooling is throwing me some parenting challenges? I'm confident I'm not alone and, of course, everyone's experience is shaped by the nature and age of their children. 

    At least in food tech, we find common ground. The boy threw himself into documenting his pizza making - choosing traditional pepperoni and olive toppings. Is anyone surprised that I chose asparagus and goats cheese?