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West Beach Fitness is the brain-child of Katie Grover. Besides leading High Intensity, interval training (HIIT) workouts on the beach in Whitstable, she's also created WBF Challengers - a completely online 6 week programme, teaching you the skills you need to get lean and stay lean for life. 

The next Challenge opens in February 2020. Follow the links and put yourself on HIIT list now!

Esa loves that Katie is fun, friendly and fabulous. Her approach to exercise is enthusiastic and energetic - it's contagious too. The WBF Challengers is an awesome community of like-minded people - all wanting to embrace healthier and more active lifestyles.

Spaces will open soon for the next challenge that starts on Monday 24 February and costs £60. Register interest now and start investing in you. Full details here and listen to WBF podcast to find out more. 

Update: Start the 6 week reset programme - anytime!

Katie supports her subscribers with individualised nutrition and calorie targets and template meal plans - featuring real food, no 'good' or 'bad' moods and no silly rules. All of this is available through the WBF app, allowing you to take photos, log workouts and communicate directly with Katie. 

Best of all however, is the amazing online community where you can ask questions, be accountable and support others. With a new HIIT and mobility challenge set each week, you'll stay motivated and inspired to move more, fuel your body better and create new habits that will keep you lean for life!



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