Finding your inspiration

Hello. I've arrived in the new normal.

Are you here too?

I've moved through that feeling of overwhelming worry and concern, and have largely accepted that there is no certainty. With the wealth of things and resources that I have (that roof over my head, family and friendships, my own business and the internet, just for starters), I realise that these are the exact same strengths that I had before the lockdown began.

So here goes - I'm jumping back on to finding my motivations and moving ahead to my goals and aspirations.


Who needs a hug?

We all know the symbolism behind rainbows. They are about hope, love and understanding. So for as long as I have stock, my Rainbow Pendants will be on a half price sale.

Made in collaboration with Neon Marl, these are available as gifts for beloved friends, frontline workers or yourself. Add a note to let me know if you'd like the pendant to be gift wrapped and sent direct to the recipient. I'll write your personal message on a card too.  Rainbow Pendants, Sale Price £15, while stocks last.


30% Off for Key Workers

As a thank you to key workers, nurses, doctors, teachers, refuse collectors, shop workers, bank clerks and all of you who are keeping the wheels on, I'm offering a 30% discount to YOU. It's my way of saying thank you. Please enter the discount code, THANKYOU, at the checkout. It applies to all orders over £20. If you are not a key worker, please pass it on. More offers will be coming up in future newsletters and on Instagram because we all need something to look forward to.

Check out the shop now though - some items are selling out.

Don't @ me

I'm going to tell you about IGLive and podcasts. There are gems out there that have inspired me to stop and listen, made by people with ideas that have stimulated me into moving forward again.
Despite what the picture suggests, no fingers are required. Let your thumbs get to work on your smartphone. I started with the fun stuff. Deborah Frances-White has been interviewing comics on IG Live - you can catch up on these on YouTube - but it's even more fun to watch these live. Deborah has brought it home to me how everyone is finding their way in the new normal.
IG >>> @theguiltyfeminist YouTube >>> The New Normal Interviews In an otherwise 'on-demand' world, it feels grounding and purposeful to watch a real-time conversation on Instagram. Listening to creative, funny chat has been a positive jump start to thinking creatively about my own business.
This next recommendation helped me to clarify my thinking on getting out of lockdown inertia.
At a time when I'm ready to push myself forward, it's all too easy for me to fall into the self-destructive trap of beating myself up over getting thingsright.Elizabeth Day's conversation with Mo Gawdathas been a terrific support in putting these current circumstances into perspective.
How To Fail With Elizabeth Dayis a podcast that celebrates the things that aren't perfect and might even be seen as outright failures. This particular podcast with Mo Gawdat is well worth a listen, for his understanding of how important it is to find happiness after trauma.

We Teach Fractions

Apparently. Word Pendants from £10

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