Get, Set, Birthday! – ESA EVANS

Get, Set, Birthday!

Birthdays are too good not to enjoy - this is how I'm going to make the most of MY big day.

Esa on her birthday.

Power Walk Prep

I love exercise and now I have Susan-the-dog to take for a walk, I've got an extra purpose to my pre-birthday Power Walk. I'll be able to bank some steps, feel good for my birthday outfit AND I'll be able to think through my cooking and entertaining plans.

Susan is a brilliant walking buddy: she loves my fast pace. I can really get moving and get out into the countryside where the woods are full of mind-calming dappled shade. Need I add that Susan loves the smells, the sticks and, of course, the squirrels?

Cocktail Bubbles

The good weather means that I can have dinner in a garden with a handful of special friends. If the friendship bubble isn't enough, I think I'll add in some champagne cocktails for more bubbles. Ooh - hospitality, entertaining, good food and lovely drinks - I am beyond excited for this birthday celebration.

If you are wondering what I'll wear, all the stars are aligning for me to wear a pale pink, vintage Roland Mouret summer dress that I bought last year. Follow me on Instagram to see photos

After party

When it comes to birthdays, exercise, jewellery and friendships, I'm definitely a more-is-more kind of person. I've been keeping any eye on the local beach and I'm glad to say it's not too busy. I'll head there for a sunset evening of drinks and chat with my female friends. This will be about enjoying their AWESOME company and sheer joy at birthday fun.

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