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Get yourself unstuck

I'm hard-wired to see early September as a time for refreshing my plans. At the same time though, the return to school, university and work during a pandemic, comes with its own set of challenges.

Between me and a few friends, we've been listening to podcasts, joining classes and testing out these ideas for the ways to move forward with confidence, honesty and optimism.

Just writing those words makes me feel better. Confidence, honesty and optimism. All the feels!

If you'd like to jump on to my Class of 2020 wagon, I'd love to hear your thoughts on building resilience and channelling the energy in positive directions:

Choosing my direction

The back to school season has given my head and my emotions a thorough workout. Moving from a lockdown spring and summer back into daily routines and challenging expectations has been pretty confusing.

Amid the anxiety, inertia popped up her head and said, 'I'll sit here for a while'. Which was really annoying and not at all productive. So I spoke to friends, got hold of some recommendations and started testing them out. Here are the best of the ideas that might help you to get unstuck too.

Indie Roller

Leona's mission for Indie Roller is to empower and inspire women business owners through myth busting, secret sharing and truth telling. She's created a wide-ranging community of creative business owners, which you can tap into via podcasts or signing up to courses and membership events. If you are looking for honing your thoughts on strategy and building a business on your own terms, Leona is well worth getting to know. 

Ruth Poundwhite

Ruth Poundwhite’s Quiet Ambition journal course doesn't look like an income generator, but her goal is to show you what you really want. Journalling is a key tool and she has lots of techniques and prompts to keep you on track. A good friend told me that Ruth's class "lifted me right out of the lockdown hole that I'd dug for myself earlier this year".  

Ray Dodds

Ray cuts through all the nonsense and asks us to tackle our fears - in life, relationships and especially money. As well a courses and one to one coaching, Ray also has a podcast, Instagram and a Facebook group - it's a really good place for a weekly pep talk.

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