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Keep Your Friends Fresh

Your school days might be behind you, but we hope you haven't left your friendship skills in the playground.

In this month of relationships and meaningful moments... we ask the question, what are you doing to keep your friendships fresh?

Here's our handy guide to understanding why your friends matter, how you can help your relationships to thrive and where you might find a treasure trove of new mates!


#1 Stress-free friendships

When you are with people you feel close to, your stress and anxiety levels decrease. You can relax because you don't feel threatened and you can focus on strengthening your social connection.

These are the kinds of friends who you could take to comedy gigs, theatre and concerts; places where you'll feel confident in your mini-tribe, while laughing like a loon, escaping into a story and dancing like no one's watching.

Jessica Fostekew is a very funny woman. We are laughing at... Jessica Fostekew : Hench at The Marlowe Theatre.


#2 Friends keep us on our toes

High quality social relationships keep your brain functioning well into old age.

People who build solid, long-lasting relationships are working hard at their friendships. If you value social integration, know how to give and receive emotional support, and like to stay in touch with family and friends - we say, keep up the good work!

If you are the one in your friendship group who's always making plans for everyone else to enjoy, rest assured that your friends have noticed. Your reward comes in every good new memory and great night out - as well as a lively, witty mind in old age able to enjoy the family and friends around you. 

Throw in a few surprises to your friends' social calendar and relish the look on their faces as you see the difference you are making to their lives.

 Charlie Hides BingoWe are making ever second count with our busy mates... at a Saturday afternoon session of Drag Bingo with Charlie Hides !


#3 Live longer with friends

Did you know that people with a strong social network are more likely to avoid heart disease, obesity and depression?

Reassuringly it's not the number of people who matter in your social network though. It's the quality and presence of the friendships that matter most.

So whether you are blessed with one or many friends, look after them. They are helping you more than you know. 

A slightly sad lesson to learn is that friendships can come to an end. If you look around and all your friends have moved away or moved on and neither of you are giving your relationship the time it needs to thrive, it may be time to let it go.

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#4 Work mates

The Old Boys' Network is so last century. These days the smart money is on the women sharing ideas and ambitions with their networks of friends and colleagues.

In fact, if you have an inner-circle of supportive friends, you are more likely to be in a leadership position yourself. While Sheryl Sandberg suggested leaning in to work as a key strategy for success, the most successful women at work have a close band of friends to support them with wit and wisdom both in and beyond the workplace. 

If you work from home or just aren't sure how to build your own network - we invite you to join us in our Thursday Lunch Club on Instagram Stories @EsaEvansJewellery. Shamelessly sharing photos of food on social media; we are there for your juiciest work/life dilemmas!

Balinese Chicken Curry
Our recent TLC featured Balinese Chicken Curry (Simply Cook). Be assured though, we are not strangers to a cheese and pickle sandwich.


#5 Healthy Friendships

When you decide it's time to get fit or you are struggling to maintain your motivation, take inspiration from the friends who understand what it takes to stay on track (or even to fall off track and jump back on anyway!) 

From Parkrun to running clubs, triathlon training and bootcamps, open water swimming or pole-dancing, there are friendships being made and kept in shape at all kinds of gyms, village halls and leisure centres. Take your friendships to the fitness zone and try a new class or set a new challenge.

The same inspirational model can work with spending, smoking or drinking goals too. If you want to have a healthier bank account or body, look to your friends for advice on tactics and motivations that might work for you too.

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