Life in a Pandemic

Sparkle! It's a pandemic.My plan for 2020 began on a high note of aspiration, planning and business focus. The Christmas and New Year holidays had left me feeling refreshed and ready to look ahead to an exciting year.
The arrival of Covid-19 is attempting to put the dampeners on my joie de vivre. I'm signed up to the new lifestyle of social distancing but with particular attention to my mental health. So in the moments between looking at grant criteria (disheartening), fulfilling very welcome website orders (thank heavens for birthdays!) and updating my social media feeds, this is my new plan:

Seize the day

I get up early. I don't lie in bed worrying. I get up and wear sassy lycra because...


I go to the gym. It's a pretty exclusive experience these days. There's not many of us - we keep our distance from each other, and spray, clean and wipe the machines after use. I need an active start to my day and will keep going until the gym closes. Sweat is my friend - it metaphorically rinses my brain.

Healthy eating

Now more than ever is a good time to eat a balanced diet. I'm dodging the snacks and goodies and am mindful of fruit and veg. I start the day with poached egg on toast to feed my exercise routine, but you know, if you offer me a frangipane tart from the local bakers for second breakfast, I won't say no. Just saying.

Wear fine clothes and make up

 No slouching. Today I'm featuring eye colour from Huda Beauty and a pair of sparkly tights that until today were a tad too robotic. Not any more baby. I'm reaching for new looks out of my current wardrobe.

Work for a while

I've worked from home for years now. I don't work all day long - there's a start and a finish. It's important not to let work issues take up your whole life. Perspective comes in many forms, such as a trusty business planner (thank you Design Trust), a brilliant team of freelancers (Lucy & Sarah) and creative ideas. This week you'll see us adding jewellery pieces to our sale pages. Coming up soon is an exciting limited edition collection - you'll have to be quick to snap that up. 

Listen to something different

 That damn virus gets everywhere. Radio 4, breakfast TV shows, all the news. Ugh. I listen to a daily bulletin and then dilute it with listening to something else. There are plenty of DJs and music writers putting out their uplifting playlists. My favourite this week is Fip, the French jazz radio station. It's light, calming and interesting, so that's when I...


 About who I'd most like to isolate with. So obviously I have to...

Talk to friends...

... on WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, email and phone calls. Black humour and bad jokes are working their magic on my anxieties. I have a mini-network of people who I will meet face to face - but there are no kisses, hugs or handshakes. Special mention here to Lucy who is never scared of saying the worst things. We have even sat down and written out our worst case scenarios and 'what we would do if...'
Getting those demons out of my head and onto paper let's me move on. I fill the space at the end of the day with...


And box sets. And books. Other stories written and created by incredibly talented people. These are the reminders of how resilient we can be. I'll be writing more about my journey through the pandemic. If you are writing too, please tell me where I can read your stories.

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