New habits

Lockdown gave me a LOT of days and nights to press a mental and lifestyle reset button. Staying home gave me the opportunity to change my approach to the car, my clothes and my exercise routine.

I became a stranger to my car. It was refreshing not be filling it up with fuel every week or sitting in traffic anymore. It's a feeling that I'm really keen to keep hold of - so much so, that I cycled a 14-mile round trip for my first haircut in months. Between getting a dog, loving the exercise and summer weather, using the bike or walking everywhere is easy. No doubt it will be more challenging in colder weather.

All those clothes. In the past, I've talked the talk about shopping my wardrobe and had a go at 'Second Hand September', but it took the lockdown to make me really take a full look into the depths of my wardrobe. I've taken out plenty of unworn clothes, worked out what's missing (not much) and created whole new looks. I feel  more mindful about my clothes - I'm less likely to shop and more likely to buy clothes I really want to wear.

Nikki Gasson at NFit is FIT



I've been a good student. Lockdown saw me jumping on the Zoom and Facebook Live workout bandwagon and much to my surprise I discovered that I loved working out at home.

It's saved me bags of time while at the same time I've been getting to know the actual names of other people in my classes.

 If you'd like to workout with me, you can find me training with Katie Grover at West Beach Fitness, Nicci Gasson at Nfit BodyTraining and practicing yoga with Monica at Yogamorphic.

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