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    West Beach Fitness is the brain-child of Katie Grover. Besides leading High

    Intensity, interval training (HIIT) workouts on the beach in Whitstable, she's also created WBF Challengers - a completely online 6 week programme, teaching you the skills you need to get lean and stay lean for life. 

  • Get yourself unstuck

    I'm hard-wired to see early September as a time for refreshing my plans. At the same time though, the return to school, university and work during a pandemic, comes with its own set of challenges.

    Between me and a few friends, we've been listening to podcasts, joining classes and testing out these ideas for the ways to move forward with confidence, honesty and optimism.
  • New habits

    Lockdown gave me a LOT of days and nights to press a mental and lifestyle reset button. Staying home gave me the opportunity to change my approach to the car, my clothes and my exercise routine....
  • Get, Set, Birthday!

    Birthdays are too good not to enjoy - this is how I'm going to make the most of MY big day... (birthday treats have been emailed direct to our newsletter subscribers).
  • Layering for summer

    It looks like summer, it feels like summer- it must be summer! 
  • Sunshine & flowers

    If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I was meant to have had a holiday in Spain in May. It would have been  my first holiday as a divorcee and travelling alone as a single parent with my boys. I booked it last year pretending to be braver than I actually was...
  • All the good things

    This week I am practicising mindful joy. I'm creating the space and saying yes to the things that make me happy and get me out of my head (in the best way). Building friendships is top of the list. I'm not crazy or in denial. I know we can't party like we used to, but I can make strengthening bonds with old friends and making new ones.
  • Finding your inspiration

    Hello. I've arrived in the new normal. Are you here too? I've moved through that feeling of overwhelming worry and concern, and have largely accept...
  • What's getting you through the week?

    Today, I'm looking on the bright side. I've put on my loveliest clothes and spent time on my make up. I've made myself a delicious lunch and served myself an ice cold beer. These acts of self care are important - but they don't always achieve the feeling of confidence that I'm chasing.
    It's not easy to find the stories and news that will lift my spirits, which is a problem because I need some good REAL moments to reflect on, if I'm going to face the weeks ahead with resilience and mental fortitude.
  • International Women's Day 2020

    Within the course of a single day, we can be kind, strong, smart, loving, funny, hench, vulnerable, demanding, impatient, persistent, brilliant, i...
  • Keep Your Friends Fresh

    In this month of relationships and meaningful moments... we ask the question, what are you doing to keep your friendships fresh? Here's our handy guide to understanding why your friends matter, how you can help your relationships to thrive and where you might find a treasure trove of new mates!