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  • Sweet & Spicy Nuts

      Falastin: A Cookbook which celebrates Palastinian recipes and traditions. To tempt you into buying your own copy, here's an irresistible snack ...
  • Parenting Pizza

    Without digging too deep, can I just say that homeschooling is throwing me some parenting challenges? I'm confident I'm not alone and, of course, everyone's experience is shaped by the nature and age of their children. 

    At least in food tech, we find common ground. The boy threw himself into documenting his pizza making - choosing traditional pepperoni and olive toppings. Is anyone surprised that I chose asparagus and goats cheese? 

  • Roll With It

    Rolling with the new normal doesn't mean it's easy of course. Making good bread rolls has always taken time and patience, so now is a time to discover the meditative powers of kneading and knocking back. I had to share them because eating 12 sweet potato & pumpkin seed rolls at one sitting is not a goal I plan on scoring.
  • Fat-free Banana Bread

    Our best baking days are still ahead of us. This is my recipe for a fat-free banana loaf that will give you a tasty 'hug' and boost your energy levels at your favourite snack o'clock time of day.
  • Esa's chickpea stew

    This tasty, nutritious vegetarian chickpea stew takes less than half an hour to make. Make it as spicy as you like and have enough for lunch the next day too.