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The Great Outdoors

I am blown away by how being outdoors has been both a cure and a bandaid for my anxiety. It's not just good for me, of course. The teenage boys and Susan had a terrific time too when we spent a weekend on a woodland glamping adventure at Hollington Park.
I've tried and tested a few options for managing anxiety over the years, but in 2020, it was The Great Outdoors that gave me what I needed to process those overwhelming feelings in a natural, healthy way. (Disclaimer, this is my personal experience. If medication works for your mental health, that's all good with me.)
A boy and his dog.A couple of things are different from before Lockdown. Now I have a dog, Susan, I am getting outside for a walk several times a day and if I need a long country walk to refresh my soul at ANY time - she's happy to be my companion. She's such a good doggo.

The other change is that now I have the Ordnance Survey app to open up a world of footpaths and walking routes in the countryside around me.

Whether it's the colours of the salt marshes, the skies above the cornfields or the dappled shade of woodland trees, TGO is working for me.

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