What's getting you through the week?

Today, I'm looking on the bright side. I've put on my loveliest clothes and spent time on my make up. I've made myself a delicious lunch and served myself an ice cold beer. These acts of self care are important - but they don't always achieve the feeling of confidence that I'm chasing.
It's not easy to find the stories and news that will lift my spirits, which is a problem because I need some good REAL moments to reflect on, if I'm going to face the weeks ahead with resilience and mental fortitude.
Here are some thoughts and resources that are keeping me grounded for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Take 'this' moment

Before starting this newsletter, I re-read the last one where I wrote about taking this lockdown one day at a time. Well, I have to admit, that has sometimes been hard.
I have wobbled and I have cried. Lucy, one of my oldest friends, got on the phone to me. She listened and cared. Isn't that just what you want a friend to do? She also talked me through keeping a gratitude journal to keep me grounded and looking at things that are real - instead of focusing on possibilities and fears.
Maybe Lucy has an incredible gift of premonition, but she had even given me the ideal 'Don't Panic notebook at Christmas. Each morning - or even each time I panic - I pick up the book and write down just three things that I can be grateful for. It can be as 'simple' as I like - big things, small things it doesn't matter - the point is that they have to be real and in the moment. So every day, just as I must take a moment to feel how I feel, I take a moment to log my gratitude. It's helping.

Planner Reboot 

Is anyone else struggling to find things to put into their planner?
I'm using my business planner to log the changes that lockdown has brought about. I'm adding Zoom exercise classes and online therapy (and phone calls to friends!) - all of which are constructive and helpful to my physical and mental health.
It doesn't fill the days though, so while I hadn't seen my therapist for more than five months, the current situation has brought some stuff to the surface. I wonder how I'll feel about this moment when I look back in a few months time.
I am looking forward to writing some proper meetings in it at some point in the future. In the meantime I'm still open for business and sending out orders almost daily. Thank you to everyone who's found their birthday gifts and 'treat yo-self' moments at EsaEvans.com. Note that cancelled week in Barcelona... Amo mucho a España. Volveré.

Make connections

When I get out of the house, I make every moment count. Keeping my distance doesn't stop me from smiling, saying hello and connecting.  
Eyeing people with suspicion or judging whether this is their first outing of the day or their second, is not a healthy way to live. The friendly moments are wonderful and give me the warm fuzzy feeling that I'm not alone. I don't want to lose my voice - I'm ready to talk if you are.
I understand that everyone is dealing with this crisis in their own way, so I don't expect too much from them. My goal is keep checking in with myself to know that I'm ready to talk to other people.

Work it out

You didn't think I was going to get through this newsletter without giving you the details on how my current crop of exercise classes, did you?
This week I'm doing sun salutations with Monica, high energy HIIT with Katie and sweating it out with Nicci.
Whitstable's leading yoga teacher, Monica Marini, is live on Zoom: she is running a gentle YogaMorphic class for beginners on Monday and Thursday, 10-11.15am, Morning Sun Salutations on Tuesday and Fridays, 7-8am, as well as other classes for Yoga Vinyasa (Tuesday), Functional Yoga for Sport and Restorative Yoga (Wednesdays) and Pranayama & Meditation (Friday). 
Katie Grover classes are aimed at giving maximum results of strength and fitness in 45 minutes. She'll fire up your metabolism with a combination of body weight and resistance exercise. Her classes are on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.
Here's a class that'll make you sweat. Nicci Gasson is an inspirational trainer local to me. I've always loved her classes. She's on Zoom and Facebook - be warned, Nicci is not here to play! I'm taking her classes on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Look after each other

We all wobble from time to time.
Last week was a difficult one and I needed to keep talking to my friends. Sometimes that helps me and sometimes it helps them.
Dressing up, making up and having a beer with a little help from...
That new cardigan is fromKemi Telford@kemitelford; a business I want to support over the coming weeks and months.

Silver Linings

New cardigans, baking and daily exercise. Time with my family and rude jokes about a certain PE trainer on YouTube.
These are my silver linings. Pendants from £25.

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