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4 things to do in Norway

Eat waffles at Ula Marina, Sandefjord

Esa spent time with family & friends in Norway this month; she's falling a little bit more in love with this incredible country with every visit. Here's her travelogue wrapped up in four top tips.

1. Enjoy a Nordic Spa experience

Stay at the Farris Bad Hotel in Larvik - or at the very least, visit the hotel Spa - the largest in Scandinavia.

Norwegians practically wrote the book on Spa experiences, so it's a handy shopping tip to know that they sell Bare Minerals and Elemis products from their shop.

2. Relax in a hut

Norwegians love to escape to a hut. It's all about living simply and reconnecting with the natural rhythms of the seasons.

Skjellvika Beach at Sandefjord offers a pure, shallow waters, diving & floating platforms and a good choice of huts and holiday homes.

3. Explore the fjords

Discover the prettiest marinas dotted along the gnarly Norwegian coastline. 

Esa's favourite is Ula Marina. As well as crabbing, fishing and generally mucking about in the water, this is possibly one of the best places to chill out and enjoy the waffles!

4. Walk on the roof

Yes you can. The interior is good too, but isn't  it fun to walk over the top of one of the world's most renowned opera houses.


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