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This week I am practicising mindful joy. I'm creating the space and saying yes to the things that make me happy and get me out of my head (in the best way). Building friendships is top of the list. I'm not crazy or in denial. I know we can't party like we used to, but I can make strengthening bonds with old friends and making new ones. Because I'm conscientiously carving out time for good things, I feel very motivated to sharpen up my focus during work hours. I hope that if you've shopped ESA EVANS online, you've felt the love of my customer care. I'm working on refining my jewellery business for the new normal. There's lots going on under the bonnet, and a couple of upgrades are ready to share in this newsletter.  May Offers ESA EVANS App But first - let me show you my new jeans...

Embracing: Denim

In the new normal, I'm getting into denim. It's a way to dress up the informal, working from home look with the clean lines of black denim.

And when it's too hot for jeans, i shall bust out my Daisy Dukes. Don't say you weren't warned. Clockwise from top: Esa's wearing Stradivarius Petite Super High Waist Jeans, Asos. Denim Shorts Boyfriend, H&M. Push-up shaping High Jeans in dark blue, H&M,

Building: Friendships

In a physically distanced world, friendships are still up there in my top three priorities (along with family and health).  I'm a regular on WhatsApp and FaceTime calls with friends and family to keep those moving along.

Once upon a time, I would plan ahead for days out, dinner, dancing, workouts and drinks with a wide range of friends - to the point that I had to set aside 'quiet' days for going with the flow... Now I'm making NEW friends in my Zoom exercise classes. Do you remember dashing in and out of the gym, recognising faces but never going beyond a smile and a brief hello? I count these people as friends; I've 'met' their cats, dogs and children, and I have seen the literal backdrop of their lives. They know all of those things about me, too. I feel seen.  These new friendships given me even more reason to stay on the exercise track. I'm expecting to be working out in Zoom classes for some time, so by the time we can get back to the gym and work out together, I think we'll have to arrive early for hugs.

Dancing: Margate

It turns out that I am not the only one missing my Margate dance nights complete with a Studio 54 dance code. Since I'm a big fan of using social media for live, real-time, shared experiences, I've been able to satisfy my dancing needs with help from Gemma Cairney. 

Gemma's intention is to use online events to plug the fundraising gap created by  events that have been cancelled thanks to Covid-19. Her Zoom dance nights are  in aid of Oasis Domestic Abuse. Oasis provides vital local community services to people affected by domestic abuse in the Margate area. Dance with me at the next one on Wednesday 14 May, 7.30-9.30pm for two hours of awesome tunes, sequin outfits and no queuing at the bar or toilet!  Follow on Instagram @gems_jams and Facebook at Gemma Cairney for links to her fundraising Zoom page.

Watching: Unorthodox

There aren't many more effective ways of 'getting out of your own head' than watching an excellent TV drama.

I admit it - I binge watched the whole of Netflix' story of Esty, a young ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman who flees her arranged marriage and religious community to start a new life abroad.

Click the image to watch the trailer or switch over to Netflix and jump right in.

Listening: Got to Keep On

Revive your listening pleasure with this Mixcloud playlist from dj sprouT. A journey through Tech, Future & Bass House. Boom. >>> Download/Listen Now <<<

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Our fluid The Hepworth Wakefield designs are based on the footprint of an incredible, Yorkshire gallery. Named after sculptor, Barbara Hepworth, the gallery celebrates her work alongside others such as Henry Moore and other contemporary artists. It's on our list of places to go when we can visit Yorkshire again. 

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