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Updated: May 9, 2019

Two years ago, on my flight back from New York, I was laid low by deep vein thrombosis (the May Thurner Syndrome variety). It was scary, life-threatening and has taught me a few lessons which I'm going to share with you right here.

Look after yourself

Slow down. Whether you cool the pace a little or a lot is up to you. But once you do it, you'll discover that you've finally got the time you need to rest, read that book or take that spa day. Only you know what you need more of in your life and one thing's for sure, it's not time spent in a hospital bed like this one...

There are many reasons why DVT can occur. A healthy, non-smoking lifestyle helps to minimise the risk as well as drinking water and simple leg exercises when in flight. Find out more about DVT at UK Thrombosis.

Make friends

No matter where you are or what you do, there's always an opportunity to work with great people. Thank you to the fabulous jewellers, designers and fashionistas who made Top Drawer so much fun last month.

Beautiful, friendly people, from left to right:  Clio and Athena from Black & Sigi, Kelly from  Cabbage White, Esa from Esa Evans, Kat from Lucy Kemp Jewellery.

Shop Your Wardrobe

Otherwise known as make the most of what you've already got. Take a look in the wardrobe and create some entirely new outfits - wear the shorts, rock that skirt. And if in doubt, be like Clio and choose clever accessories.

I feel wildly envious of those leopard print tights. Where do you find your #styleinspiration? Tag me on Instagram, I'd love to see your newly discovered look.

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