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The Climate Change Issue

The school strike action led by Greta Thunberg has inspired me to reassess the sustainable aspects of life and business. Despite having a strong eco-awareness nurtured in me by mother, modern life and motherhood often led me into make easy convenient choices. As an adult, the loudest message I can send to big business and government is to change my spending habits...

Second Hand September

Committing to Oxfam's Second Hand September campaign (no new fashion purchases for 30 days) has now turned into a personal pledge to stay away from fast, disposable fashion for good. Fortunately / unfortunately the Oxfam team running the campaign agreed that gifts don't count, so when a friend gave me a pair of Kimowna trousers featuring Hokusai's The Great Wave, I was able to accept them. I love them and remind myself that even if these are new, they came to me in a month when I joined the Great Wave for sustainable fashion.

Cheeky Wipes

I stepped away from plastic-y Tampax a long time ago and never quite got on with moon cups. Now I'm actually looking forward to my next period and the chance to use my Cheeky Wipes period pants. As well as being better for the environment, I'm hoping for a simpler, cheaper period in some sassy black knickers. Choosing Cheeky Wipes, a UK company, means that I'm also minimising the cost of delivery. They use recycled and natural materials and their knickers don't need to be boil washed - simply put them in a cool coloured wash with other clothes.

New Collections, New Packaging

As a small business, it's been a challenge to find eco-friendly packaging that meets the cost and quality customers expect from a jewellery brand. Excuses aren't a good look, however, and new eco-packaging solutions are always evolving.

The latest collaborative collection with Milk & Moon is the first to be exclusively packaged in ECO-friendly jewellery boxes that are FSC®-certified (as shown in the photo below). The glue, paper and cardboard are all 100% eco-friendly. Each box is stamped with the ECO-logo at the base of the box and has the FSC®-logo stamped underneath the foam.

Subject to using up existing packaging, all Esa Evans collections will ultimately be packaged in eco-friendly boxes. I am currently looking for recycled or compostable mailing envelopes for postal delivery. Recommendations of good quality products will be greatly appreciated - just drop me a line.

Liquid Gold Pendant

Milk & Moon advocates for women supporting women, every day and especially when feeding babies. ESA EVANS collaborated with Milk & Moon to create a Liquid Gold pendant to symbolise the value of maternal love.

The pendant is available in simple polished steel or 18kt gold plate finishes. The pendant is on 46cm curb chain with a 5cm extender and lobster clasp.

ESA EVANS X Sir John Soane's Museum

From Caryatid to Flora, the Roman Goddess of flowers and Spring - these faces can be found in Sir John Soane's incredible London town house collection of art and artefacts.


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